Available Land - 200 acres - Lots ranging from 5 to 45 acres

  Park Entrance - Adjacent to Route 140 (Exit 7 On/Off ramps)
  Labor Availability - Easier to hire due to the second highest unemployment rate in state; test the labor market via blind ad
  Labor Skills - Strong in high-end manufacturing, assembly, distribution and back office; exposure to
nearby colleges and universities with 75,000 students
  Labor Costs - 10 - 40 % below Greater Boston area and 40% below New York City
  Housing Costs - 50% lower than Greater Boston
  Recruiting Assistance -by “Career Center” - New Bedford's 60 person job recruiting agency
  Land Price - Low haggle-free pricing policy of $85,000 per acre
  Utilities - Fully serviced and developed sites with all utilities underground. 5 Million Gallons /day spare water & sewer capacity
  Permitting - Extremely pro-business with 90 day local permitting and 30 day state permitting due to MEPA master plan approval for park
  Amenities - Day Care, Bank, Advanced Telecommunication Infrastructure, Restaurant and Machine shop
  Appearance - Beautiful park-like setting
  Financing & Tax Incentives - Low cost building and equipment financing available; property tax discounts; 5% State Investment Tax Credit; Training & Infrastructure Grants
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