Company Services Provided by Industrial Foundation

Supervises park maintenance, beautification & security services

  Successfully advocates for road & lighting repairs needed from New Bedford & Dartmouth
  Supplements city's snow plowing, sanding & salting services
  Causes improvements to telecommunication services and fosters more competition for these services
  Takes actions to cause utility & telecommunication services to be restored quickly after severe storms
  Obtained state master plan approval for development of park thus eliminating need for lengthy and costly state permitting
  Actively engaged in helping companies obtain local government permits in 60 days or less for new buildings & expansion projects
  Drafts applications and aggressively advocates for state and city economic development, property tax
discount and workforce training incentives
  Assists companies in obtaining state and bank financing for new buildings, building additions and equipment purchases
  Helps companies sell surplus buildings & land and lease surplus space
  Regularly surveys companies on improvements needed for the park
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